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Campus Princess 2020 Lucknow: Curtain Raiser


Asma Hussain Institute of Fashon Technology has been hosting Campus Princess Miss India and Miss Diva since 2016. The  Campus Princess 2020 Lucknow auditions at AIFT have always received good response from the participants as well as the crème de la crème audience.

The celebrities who judged the Campus Princess Lucknow auditions  for various seasons include:

  • Femina Miss India World 2014 Koyal Rana
  • Miss Diva Runner Up 2016  Aradhana Buragohain
  • Miss Diva India Universe 2016 Roshmita Harimurthy
  • Miss India Universe 2014 Noyonita Lodh

Other celebrities who were present during the Campus Princess auditions in Lucknow include Miss India Intercontinental 2017 Priyanka Kumari and Miss Grand India 2016 Pankhuri Gidwani.

Asma Hussain, founder of Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology Lucknow, has been an esteemed judge for Miss India since 2012 . She has mentored and trained innumerable girls who have made it to Miss India Top 20. Some notable names are Pankhuri Gidwani, Rupali Yadav, and Kritika Bhandari.

Let’s talk about some benefits of facing an audition that can help the participants in Life.

  1. Getting Rid of Stage Fear: As you face a team of judges and an attentive audience, you learn to face people and improve your stage presence. The experience helps you get over the fear one gets while being on the stage. The symptoms of stage fear are visible nervousness, trembling voice,  and shaky legs.
  2. Communication Skills: Through focused grooming provided by the expert trainers, one can surely improve communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal. That makes it much easier to build lasting and helpful relationships.
  3. Improved Gait and Posture: With experts by your side, you definitely get to learn how to walk the ramp and pose for the pictures. Generally, body language creates a huge impact on the people we interact with.
  4. Confidence: Confidence comes with knowledge and experience. Experiencing an event like Campus Princess boosts confidence levels once and forever.
  5. Networking: You get to meet a lot achievers and leaders in the Fashion Industry as well as Entertainment Industry. Some of these contacts may become mentors or friends for life.

On the eve of Miss India Campus Princess auditions, Asma Hussain Institute Of Fashon Technology is organizing a master class for girls and boys of all age groups who wish to become the best version of themselves. In partnership with Lakmé Academy, you can learn tips and secrets from the renowned Fashion Designer Asma Hussain.

  • The masterclass is for all the girls and boys who wish to not only participate in pageants, but would like to build up their confidence and bring out their personality for important interviews, auditions, meetings, or in general would like to bring out a part of themselves that would make them shine in the world.
  • This is a specially crafted session for the girls who are not participating in the Campus Princess Auditions and will be given outstanding opportunities later on, such as walking the ramp for Designers, doing Photoshoots, meeting celebrities such as the Miss Universe and Bollywood Celebrities.
  • Learn makeup, hair and styling tips from professionals including Fashion Designer Asma Hussain, improve your communication skills, body language and so on.

The upcoming event – Campus Princess 2020 Lucknow, slated for 12th November 2019, will be held at Asma Hussain Institute of Fashon Technology, Hazratganj, Lucknow. Get more details on the Facebook Event page.

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