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The Wedding Planner- Book Release

The Wedding Planner

Book Title: The Wedding Planner

Author: Mariyam Hasnain

Genre: Romance

Release Date: December 22, 2017


About the Plot

The Wedding Planner: One wrong decision and Nayela Faruqi’s life turns upside down. Destiny treats her even harder when she loses her husband to a car accident.

Struggling with the harsh realities of becoming a single parent, she finally decides to go back to her hometown of Awadh.

Back in her hometown, she leafs a new chapter of her life and buys the royal Shanbagh Palace only to renovate it into a wedding house.

Dealing with the emotional challenges of single motherhood, Nayela tries to collect the broken pieces of her life when someone knocks the doors of her lonely heart.

Yasir always loved Nayela but never told her as Faraz and Nayela fell head over heels for each other. Now, when Faraz is gone and Nayela struggles with the hardships of life, will Yasir bring back the lost happiness in Nayela and her daughter’s life? Will he ever be able to express his love to her? And will Nayela ever be able to see Yasir more than a friend ignoring the reality of Yasir being her dead husband’s brother?

And if the lonely hearts find love again, will Maira accept Yasir as her Dad and what about Zareen Ahmad Shah, Yasir’ mother and Nayela’s mother in law. Will she accept Nayela back in the Shah household?

About the Author

MARIYAM HASNAIN is an Indian writer and has authored five published books.


Mariyam hails from the culturally-rich and royal city of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. She spent her childhood and early youth in the city of nawabs. She completed her degree in biology from the prestigious Isabella Thoburn College and started writing while still in college. However, she never thought of becoming a pro. After her wedding, she settled in the commercially booming IT city of Bangalore, and worked in the medical transcription industry for 5 years. It was only after the birth of her son that she quit her job and started exploring her writing skills.

Being a romance writer, Mariyam believes that love is not always sweet but sometimes tangy, sour, and bitter. It’s not always bright and colorful but often dark, gray, and black. So, her romance books are not always sweet but at times sassy, naughty, dark, and flirty. Her books mainly explore the intricacies of modern-age college romance, second chances in love, love at first sight, and forbidden love. So, go ahead and enjoy the ride as you explore the shades of romance with Mariyam.


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