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Story To Screen 2020


What is Story To Screen?

Stories have always carved for having their presence on screen. The beauty of characters being alive on screen are just soothing and Story To Screen 2020 brings an unique opportunity to have a subtle experience on screen for the authors.
Who would deny the fact that the beauty of a story gets enriched manifold once it passes through the litmus test of adaptation and presented to us on the screen? All those characters which were running wild in our imagination get a well-directed guidance to be alive on the screen. Those characters which were more than ready to speak their heart out gets the right platform. But have we ever wondered what it takes to bring the voice of words and gift those characters alive on our favourite platforms?
In an already clustered environment of stories and the undying urge to get your story onto screen, the duo of Saxena & Raj, Vikash Saxena; Founder and Nitish Raj; Co-Founder of Literia Insight have been committed enough to bring the best story which could give the viewers an enriching experience. Founded in March 2019, Literia Insight had not just been promoting various authors but also helping them to get their stories to their desired destiny.

In the words of Mr. Saxena; “We had recently announced Story to Screen 2020 through our sister concern, The Literary Mirror and we are adamant on bringing the best Book/Story to adapt it into a Web Series. We are not just producing Web Series but also help the authors to have their works adapted with popular OTT platforms.”
The journey of a book to a movie or Web Series is quite tough as each and every story tends to say anything but choosing the best one seems a tedious task. The concept of best also varies as most of the times it happens that the story may be great but the visual quotient of that book might not be as appealing. Even the production cost of a movie or Web Series is quite high and a producer needs to take the financial quotient into consideration before giving a nod.
As Mr. Raj says; “We are regularly in hunt for a good story which not just adds value to the literary fraternity but also be an apt material for adaptation. We need to also take care of the fact that the author gets his due credit apart from getting a handsome return for his works. Indeed! Getting through a huge slush pile of stories and finding the best one is not less than searching for diamond in a coal field. But again the satisfaction of finding the right story with all the equilibrium in cohesion is a soothing feeling which can’t be explained just in words.”

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