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Regional Science City


The Regional Science City, located in Aliganj, Lucknow is a boon for the masses with the diverse offerings it has for people of all age groups to keep them engaged. It was started with the prime objective to generate scientific awareness among the populace and develop an interest in science among the students by way of interactive exhibits pertaining to different aspects of science.

Designed and developed by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Regional Science City holds the distinction of being the pioneering institute in popularizing science across the state of Uttar Pradesh with emphasis on “igniting minds through learning.’’

Your trip to Lucknow will not be complete without a visit to the Regional Science City, with its interactive exhibits and displays, a glimpse of which you will get by noting the following:

Underwater Exhibition: Water bodies such as oceans, rivers and lakes hold incredible scientific reserves to be explored. These interactive exhibits, along with video displays and multimedia games elucidate the concept of underwater phenomena and is also informative, giving useful inputs about the resources held there such as food and minerals.

Biotechnological Revolution: Biotechnology has brought about a revolution in the arena of science and technology. Through these exhibits and multimedia tools, you gain an understanding of the biotechnological applications and the usage of its beneficial aspects in our daily life as well as explore the wonders of biotechnology.

Being Human: Researches have proved that human mind is the most complex machine on Earth, but here, conscious efforts have been put in to help you gain an insight on the interesting features of human mind with the help of interactive exhibits and dioramas along with multimedia kiosks and video displays.

Popular Science: This gallery not only educates us on the scientific aspect of a particular phenomenon but is also laced with lots of fun. It houses exhibits which are covered with curved mirrors and standing in front of them, they project you as smaller as or taller than your actual height. Another exhibit shows an infinite tunnel of glowing bulbs within the confines of the hall. This gallery is complete with such scientific wonders and you cannot afford to miss it on your visit to the city.

Meri Anokhi Duniya: Children are intrigued by nature and always full of creative ideas and thoughts. This gallery is designed to help satisfy the curiosity of the young ones with the help of sensory organs that help in equipping them with the necessary information of the world. These exhibits are bright, colourful and vibrant to make it pleasurable for them.

Wonder World of Materials: This gallery is a recent addition to the world of exhibits displaying scientific wonders in an interactive and simple manner. It throws light on various aspects of material science that have always caught our attention such as semiconductors and superconducting materials, sensors, optics and functional materials. Through these exhibits, one can get the feel of the progress that material science has made over the years.

Fun Science: This gallery has exhibits and displays based on different scientific concepts with a fun element to it. It also features ‘’aqua-mobile’’, an interesting model which exhibits the principles of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics through flowing water; truly a wonderful experience!

In addition to the above exhibits, the Regional Science City has some other surprises for you in store, a brief outline of which you will get in the following sections:

SCIMAX: SCIMAX theatre, with a seating capacity of 220 spectators, and holding the distinction of being one of its kinds theatres in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is a large format film projection system equipped with ASTROVISION-70. The pictures are projected on a semi-spherical dome with a fish eye lens to cover the audience’s peripheral vision. SCIMAX is fitted with state-of-the-art technology, which guarantees you an unforgettable, thrilling, and completely out of the world experience! You feel as if you are totally absorbed in the projected scenes owing to its semi-spherical shape and Digital Surround Sound System. It features documentaries on different topics such as adventures in wild California, mysteries of the River Nile, Amazon Rain forests and Niagara Falls which are informative as well as entertaining.

3D Shows: The 3D shows in high definition bring the thrilling and fascinating 3D world alive for viewers. You will be a witness to an exciting and magical 3D science show using polarized glasses that will keep you riveted to your seats. The pictures shown are on a range of science related topics such as universe and space junk.

Science Park: You are greeted with a plethora of interactive exhibits, such as camera obscura, acrobatic ball, levers and swings, as you enter the main gate of the Regional Science City, in the sprawling beautifully landscaped park. This is the Science Park which gives the visitors an opportunity to learn and enhance their knowledge while playing freely with these exhibits.

A visit to Lucknow can never be said to be complete if you have not been to the Regional Science City as they keep adding new feathers to their cap by broadening their scientific dimensions. Every time, your visit to the place will be an invigorating experience for you with something new to look forward to.где купить сковороду

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