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The Lucknow Zoological Garden

Lion at Lucknow Zoological Garden

Collage of pictures taken at Lucknow zoological gardenAn excursion serves as a necessary break from the mundane life and infuses renewed energy. When a pleasure trip, combines knowledge with learning, it serves as an icing on the cake. So, if you happen to visit Lucknow city, do not miss the Lucknow zoo as it will serve both an amusing and a learning experience for you.

Zoological gardens are places where you get to see the marvels of God in the form of different species of animals and get to know more about the wild life if you haven’t been to wildlife safari or a (rare) real forest.

Lucknow Zoological garden is a prime destination for tourists and it lives up to the promise of providing learning with fun. It is a place of interest favoured by the local people also for an enjoyable day trip. The additional advantage enjoyed by the Lucknow Zoo is its location. The place is centrally located and is easily accessible which makes it all the more favourite for an outing. The following information on the Lucknow Zoo will help you know the place better:


History: Lucknow Zoological Garden

The Lucknow Zoological Garden came into existence decades ago in the year 1921 and is spread over 71.6 acres of land. The formal name of the place is “The Prince of Wales Zoological Garden”, named so to memorialize the visit of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, to Lucknow. The establishment of the zoological garden at Lucknow, was the brainchild of Sir Harcourt Butler, the then Governor of the State.

The idea garnered support from all the corners including leading landlords and eminent people of Lucknow city as it was something for the city and its people. The project received financial support in the form of donations and also animals given for display by the prominent local people. A Managing Committee was formed to manage all its affairs along with construction. However it was dissolved to give way to an Advisory Committee in the year 1950.

Picture of a Hornbill at Lucknow zoo

Animals, Birds, Reptiles and many more species to amaze you

Lucknow Zoo is categorized as a Big Zoo by the Central Zoo Authority of India, which clearly communicates the existence of varied species of animals, birds and reptiles that it houses for the visitors. Every year, Lucknow Zoo gets about 9, 00,000 to 10, 00,000 visitors, which again corroborates the fact of it being one of the major attraction for both tourists and local people in Lucknow city. The zoo has a large number of different kinds of birds and animals to attract this magnitude of crowd.

According to reliable information sources, Lucknow Zoo is a happy abode of 440 mammals, 261 birds, and 40 reptiles of 97 assorted species of other animals. It houses the White Tiger, Royal Bengal Tiger, Lion, Hoolock Gibbon, Wolf, Black Buck, Indian Rhinoceros, Barking Deer, Himalayan Black Hog Deer, Swamp Deer, Giraffe, Zebra, Asiatic Elephant, Silver Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Giant Squirrels, Great Pied Hornbill, and many more marvellous creatures.

Picture of state museum inside lucknow zoo premises

State Museum

The Lucknow Zoological Gardens also houses The Uttar Pradesh State Museum was previously housed in the Chattar Manzil and later at the Lal Baradari. However, in the year 1963, it was shifted to the Lucknow Zoo. The biggest attraction of the museum happens to be the medieval objects representing the Awadhi lifestyle, customs, habits, mythology along with the contemporary Awadhi entities. Now, it also includes more interesting antiquities including an Egyptian Mummy, Awadhi sculptures, paintings, anthropological specimens, coins, textiles and many more intriguing objects from the glorious past of Awadh.

Picture of toy train at Lucknow zoo park.

Fun for Kids with Toy Train at Lucknow Zoo

The Lucknow Zoo also has a Toy Train that has been running for sight-seeing in the zoo. It was a gift to the Zoo by the Railway Board consisting of an engine and two coaches. It first ran on 14th November 1969, aptly on the occasion of Children’s Day. The track is 1.5 kilometres long and to give the real feel of a train and it also has crossings as well as signals to give that real feel.The joy ride has been an important highlight of the Lucknow Zoo. It attracts both children and adults alike and has been a constant feature of the place. The old toy train has been replaced by a more contemporary four-bogey toy train with better facilities. The new toy train at Lucknow zoo that started operating  on February 28, 2014 is made to run on a fresh track that was laid down so as to cover the maximum part of the zoo.

The Lucknow Zoological Gardens has been an important landmark of the Lucknow city since decades. It is a major tourist pull and is a place that must not be missed if you are visiting Lucknow. So get your family to the Lucknow Zoo and experience happiness with learning and amusement for all age groups.купить новый деревянный дом

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