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Traffic jams on Indian roads is one of the most common and irksome facet of the country. Some cities are reeling under its adverse impact whereas some have managed to cope with the issue and have succeeded in making the streets free from the pestering traffic jams. The city of Nawabs, Lucknow, though has the image of being a city where people are endowed with Tameez (Manners) and Tehzeeb (Etiquette) but when it comes to driving, people tend to forget all the Tameez and Tehzeeb,  be it about the traffic rules or the rich culture of the city and create a pandemonium on the roads. A portion of the problem stems from the faulty planning of the city roads whereas the negligent authorities and indifferent city folks aggravate the issue. However, of late, the Uttar Pradesh Government along with the Traffic Management Department of Lucknow has rolled out a number of plans and rules to control the unruly traffic in the city, and the results seem to be promising.


What all has been done?

One Way as a way of traffic management: The Lucknow city administration came up with the idea of declaring certain important routes as one way to curb the growing menace of traffic. Hazratganj, being the hub of all the financial and academic activity of the city with all the offices and prominent schools, has now been imposed a “one way” restriction for several of its roads. Crowded areas such as Aminabad and Chowk also have one ways to stop the increasing traffic jams.

Traffic Surveillance Cameras: The Lucknow police and the city administration had around 4000 surveillance cameras in 2015 and they were plans of installing 5000 more to keep track of the traffic movement along with street crimes. There will also be use of drones to maintain law and order and to know about the current state of the city traffic. The surveillance cameras will give the live feeds and with Video Analytical Capability the computers automatically discover the problem areas and bring it to the notice of the monitoring office.

 Increase in incumbents: The State Government, from time to time, has made arrangements to include more officials for managing the traffic situation well. In 2015, around 300 home guards were roped in to tackle the problem of increasing traffic congestion and declining number of traffic cops on roads.

Real Traffic updates: Google has added 12 new cities that will have real time traffic updates for its commuters. Lucknow city is one of them and will have travellers find new or alternate routes to their destinations in case of jam of vehicles on the roads. It will not only help to curb traffic by suggesting alternate routes to people but will also aid them in reaching their destination on time. The app shows the traffic movement and its speed that allows the travellers to decide which way to go for avoiding traffic and crowding on roads.

Traffic Challans made virtual: A mobile application has been devised to settle traffic challans on the spot that saves time both for the violators and the authorities. The app will quicken the process of dealing with challans and will relieve the authorities to give more time and effort to traffic management on Lucknow roads.

Traffic Awareness: The traffic administration has been organizing awareness programs to sensitize the Lucknowites towards traffic rules and maintaining of decorum on roads while driving. Several organizations along with traffic department hold marches, lectures, and camps to spread knowledge about traffic regulations, driving rules, and importance of adhering to it to control frenzied traffic and avert any untoward incident. Road safety is also highlighted during such meets. Lucknow Pulse is also trying to do its bit by running the “Safe Roads, Safer Lucknow” campaign on its facebook page.

Construction of new roads, highways, and flyovers: The state government has been announcing and completing civil projects to ease the volume of traffic on roads. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has recently announced a four lane road along the Sharda canal to decongest the traffic of the city. Several such projects are in the pipeline or in the processing stage to deliver to the promise of relieving the city folks from the menace of traffic jams.

Lucknow Metro Rail: One of the most ambitious projects of the current U.P State Government, the Metro Rail is going to bring a huge respite for the Lucknowites as it will serve as a significant mode of fast and quick transport. People must get ready to travel by metro, leaving behind their cars and bikes at home to reach their destination quickly, which will surely reduce the number of vehicles on roads.

The growing number of automobiles is one factor behind the traffic problems on Lucknow roads. However, the citizens of Lucknow are also equally responsible for making it a serious concern as everyone wants to drive in first and fast without considering other commuters and their rights. There has to be a healthy combination of both rules and efforts from people to solve the road puzzle of traffic in order to reach the destination timely and happily.

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