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Fruit Market in Lucknow

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Lucknow city is the home to its world famous Dussehri variety of mangoes. The city folks share a special fondness for mangoes but other fruits such as litchi, guavas, papaya, bananas, oranges, and melons too find a place in the city households. All varieties of seasonal fresh fruits are available easily in fruit markets  most parts of the city all the year round. Lucknowites prefer to shop for fresh fruits rather than the tinned or canned varieties available in big super markets and retail chains. This has kept the charm of the local fruit markets alive. You can easily spot a customer or two haggling over the prices of fruits, a typical feature of such markets in the city famous for its easy going attitude.

Lucknow city has a number of fresh fruits markets that are catering to the needs of Lucknowites since long. The fruit markets are not only big to ensure a steady and large supply but also offer fresh fruits that are preferred by the people of Lucknow, though fruits are now available in supermarkets and malls as well.

Buying fruits from the local markets in Lucknow can be a unique experience as it is likely to take you closer to what Lucknow is all about. The tehzeeb will be evident when the fruit vendor will not stop you from selecting and picking the fruits yourself and will in fact offer you portions of the fruit to taste, to help you decide for the purchase. The noise, hustle and bustle might irritate you but that is what the charm is, a cacophony of the noise of the vendors shouting out prices to attract buyers to their respective carts and buyers haggling over the prices of fruits.

Every few steps you can come across people bargaining over the prices and the discussions sometimes continue even after the fruits have been bought. Some of the fruit vendors will also provide you with the facility of getting fruit baskets packed with decorative wrapping sheets and other knick-knacks for special occasions.picture of small fruit-shop at lucknow

Fruit markets are a place where you can feel the pulse of the city. The big fruit markets of Lucknow are as follows:

Chowk Fruit Market

One of the busiest and vastly visited fruit market in Lucknow is the Chowk Fruit market. Chowk already being a shopping hub for the Chikan textiles and Lucknow’s local delicacies, the fruit market make it all the more busy. The variety is immense to choose from and has availability of mostly all the seasonal fruits. A lakhnawi will tell you that this fruit market is the place to get the best deals in fresh fruits in the entire Lucknow. The market remains especially crowded during the month of Ramadan—a month of fasting for the Muslims—when dates and all kinds of exotic and seasonal fruits are available in plenty.

Aminabad Fruit Market

The Aminabad fruit market is another option in Lucknow for getting fresh fruits. The fruit market is big and has people from all over the city coming to it for buying fresh fruits from here. The vendors offer nicely decorated fruit baskets for special occasions such as weddings.

Qaiserbagh Fruit Market

The fruit market at Kaisebagh Chauraha in Lucknow is also a good place to buy fresh fruits from. The market is centrally located and offers a huge variety of fresh fruits. The market is very busy and crowded owing to its location and the presence of the most densely populated areas around the market place.

Nishatganj Fruit Market

The Nishatganj fruit market is another venue to shop for fresh fruits in Lucknow. Again, it is a big market where you get to choose from a large variety of fruits and fruit baskets. The fruit market caters to the need of people of the trans-Gomti areas such as Aliganj, Gomti Nagar, Mahanagar and Indira Nagar.

Buying fresh fruits might be a difficult task in today’s times where adulteration has become common, but as Lucknow city has a number of big fruit markets, you always have many options open. These fruit markets will serve the dual purpose of offering fresh fruits and letting you have a vivid glimpse of the uniqueness of city of Nawabs.калькулятор деревянный дом

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