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Mouthwatering Chaat, Kachori, Imarti and Lassi to Explore in Lucknow  


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The city of Nawabs is known for its generous hospitality, rich culture, and the renowned Mughlai food. Not many know that Lucknow  boasts of some of the finest snacking joints serving Kachori, Chaat, Samose, Imarti, Jalebi, Puri Sabzi and Lassi. While these gastronomic delights can satisfy your taste buds generously on your next visit to the city, we bet, you will be compelled to ask for more. Some of the best snacking joints to explore in the city are:

Dixit Chaat House – Laden With Appetizing Gol Gappe and Aloo Tikki

Dixit Chaat House is a traditional eatery located in old Lucknow area of Chowk. The establishment is more than 40 years old. It is run under the able guidance of Mr. Gaurav Dixit who is the grandson of the founder. The snacking point boasts of personal care and attention in preserving the family tradition and custom alive. Mr. Gaurav takes great care to prepare the chaat along with his team members, thus ensuring utmost quality and taste. All the variety of chaat such as Aloo Tikki, Khasta, Matar, Dahi Aloo Tikki and Dahi Badey are prepared in pure desi ghee.

Dahi Aloo Tikki is a delight to explore here. It is a wonderful combination of fried potato, tamarind chutney, tangy curd and some spices. The taste and freshness is simply amazing. On the other hand, Matar—a delectable combination of boiled, mashed and fried gram, ginger, curd, lime juice and spices—is a joy to explore. Fried in desi ghee and beautifully garnished with crushed batasha, coriander and ginger, this variety of chat will leave you speechless. Khasta made with flour, fenugreek seeds and spices and deep fried in desi ghee is another specialty of the Dixit Chaat House. Tamarind chutney, curd and lime juice is added to make it more flavorsome.    

Dahi Badey is a chaat commonly served fresh with sweetened curd as topping in Lucknow. You can also add tamarind chutney to make it tastier. Paani Ke Batashe is the highlight of Dixit Chaat House. The water served with Paani Ke Batashe is really fresh and zesty and you will crave for more. People also savor batashe with curd and tamarind chutney according to their liking.

Vajpayee Kachori Bhandar – The Bhandar with Standout Kachori, Puri and Subzi    

Vajpayee Kachori Bhandar is a popular eating joint located in the center of Hazrat Ganj. It is an old shop preserving the tradition of preparing brilliant kachori and puri subzi. Mr. Manish who is the grandson of the founder Mr. Balkishan Vajpayee runs Vajpayee Kachori Bhandar now. The former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee used to come at this place and relish the delectable delicacies. Fresh and hot Puri Subzi is served on platters of dried leaves going with the tradition. Puris are generally served with chhole (chickpea curry). The puris are served crisp and piping hot straight from the wok. The chhole are topped with fried green chilies, curd, achhar (pickle) and onions and the overall taste is simply breathtaking.

The khasta kachori is another gastronomic delight that will gratify the taste buds scrumptiously. Khasta is like a fried quiche mixed with daal. The khasta kachori is served with chhole topped with curd, fried green chilies, onions and achaar. Certainly, people who are fond of vegetarian dishes will have an amazing time enjoying the chaat and other delicacies in Lucknow at very affordable prices.

Moti Mahal – Dessert Paradise    

People who are very fond of desserts can relish some of the best desserts at Moti Mahal. It is situated in Hazrat Ganj. It is an old shop selling different varieties of vegetarian dishes, chaats and desserts. You can get the best jalebi, imarti, gulab jamun and rabdi here. The taste and quality of these items is heavenly. The combination of searing hot crunchy imartis served with cold rabdi is simply breathtaking. The taste will be etched in your memory forever. Piping hot juicy jalebis straight from the wok will leave you amazed. You can have hot jalebis with curd or even rabdi.

The sight of luscious gulab jamuns at Moti Mahal is sure to entice you into having at least one. Besan ke Laddoo is another specialty of Moti Mahal. They are made in pure desi ghee and khoya. Fresh gajar ka halwa during winter season is also a specialty served at Moti Mahal. It is made with desi ghee and served hot topped with dry fruits and khoya. You can have delicious rabdi either cold or hot after dinner here. The variety served at Mohal Mahal is vast and you will be spoiled with delectable choices.    

Sri Lassi Corner – Old Traditional Charm

Sri Lassi Corner is located at Kamla Nehru Marg, Chowk. The shop serves the most delectable lassi and chaajh in the city. The shop is more than 50 years old situated in the center of Chowk. The lassi is topped with malai, kewra andsaffron. The consistency of the lassi served here is very thick when compared with other outlets. The lassi is so wholesome that at times you may even choose to skip your meals. The fragrance and taste of the lassi served at Sri Lassi Corner is truly amazing. You can also order chaajh and milk badaam here.

The owner has preserved the quality and taste of all the items till date. You can see long queues especially in the morning and evening and people waiting for their items.

Jagdish Chaat Waale – Master of Alu Tikki, Khasta and Matar

If you are very fond of spicy Chaat, then Jagdish Chaat Waale is the best place to go to in Lucknow. It is situated next to Koneshwar Petrol Pump, Chowk. The shop is more than 40 years old. They are said to have mastered the art of chaat-making. You can have the best alu tikki, matar, khasta, dahi badey and gol gappe here. The owner of the shop specializes in chaat-making only. The shop is open to the public in the evening only. All the products are made in desi ghee and refined oil in order to provide maximum taste and quality.

The sight of crunchy khasta garnished with fresh tamarind chutney, curd, fried ginger and coriander is very alluring. You can order matar with curd and without curd as well. Dahi Badey is topped with lassi, lime juice and tamarind chutney and you will be delighted to explore them. Aloo Tikki is shallow fried on the griddle with desi ghee. The fantastic aroma of freshly fried aloo tikki is irresistible. Paani ke Bataashe is the highlight of Jagdish Chaat. The piquant water for the bataashe is prepared fresh everyday with exotic ingredients. You can order paani ke bataashe with curd and tamarind chutney as well.

The Unending Delectable Chaat, Kachori and Dahi Badey of Lucknow  

Do not be amazed by the presence of mouthwatering snacks in the city of Nawabs, so famous for its rich Mughlai cuisine. Predominantly, Lucknow is famous for its biryani, kebabs and kormas but you will be astonished to explore delicious vegetarian snacks here. The aroma, quality and taste of all these items will have an everlasting effect on your memory for sure.руководство по проектированию каркасных домов

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