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Janeshwar Mishra Park


a collage of janeshwar mishra park

Lucknow has always had some beautiful public parks that have given the citizens countless memories from their childhood and college days to the time when they got married and later took their children to those very parks. Any Lucknowite could take a guess, we are talking about our Buddha Park, Hathi Park, Nimbu Park, Globe Park and other popular ones. The latest one that promises to add up to the memories of the newer generations is going to be Janeshwar Mishra Park, the newest park touted to be Asia’s biggest garden with a sprawling area of 300+ acres.

Janeshwar Mishra Park was inaugurated in August 2014 to commemorate the great socialist leader – Janeshwar Mishra who is also known as “Chote Lohia” among the Samajwadi Party cadres. The park does have a huge statue of Janeshwar Mishra near the artificial lake that has wonderful fountains filling the air with water droplets. As of now, the entry is free, which is a relief for people who hate to wait in queues.Pictuee of janeshwar mishra park at lucknow

The park has landscaped green patches around the artificial lakes for boating, which surely would be welcome for those who remember boating at Buddha Park. The park has long stretches of walkways, and jogging tracks for running professionals and fitness freaks.

A picture of lamp-post at the janeshwar mishra park


As it could be expected, the park has cycling tracks with ample parking spaces for bicycles. In future, they might add more amusement spaces, sports centres, skating ring, mini stadia and so on. The park opens from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM in the morning hours and then 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM during the evening. The park is well lit in the evening with nice regal-styled lamp posts that line the walkways. The best part as we are told is that the park is also green in the sense that it used solar power for lighting. Another environment-friendly technique is the application of water-harvesting to recharge the water bodies.


Today, when Lucknow is witnessing an expansion in huge geometric proportions, the city needs to secure as much greenery as it can to recharge the air with as many trees as we can plant. This park is going to be the oxygen-rich space our kids and adult will gravely need for staying healthy. Give yourself a chance to drive down and experience the cool factor at the park.


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