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How to equip yourself for a summer trip to Lucknow



The splendour of Lucknow is such that it can charm anyone who steps foot here for the first time. Right from the tehzeeb, the monuments, the culture, the food and the chikan – there is nothing not to love about this magnificent city. It is no surprise that Lucknow is a very popular destination among tourists. And although the most recommended time to visit the state-capital is between November & March, there are many who like to travel during the summers, especially because kids have their vacations at this time.

But summers are hardly comfortable, especially if you plan to travel. Rising temperatures and humidity can spoil you vacations so here we have some everyday things you can do to make your stay in Lucknow more pleasing.

Early morning sightseeing

It is during the peak summer hours, usually between noon to 4 PM that we face the risk of exerting ourselves the most. Any outdoor activity during this time can result in a heat stroke. To avoid falling ill, plan your sightseeing trips and other activities early in the morning.
Instead use this time for indoor activities like visiting a museum, enjoying a nice lunch etc. Moreover, going sightseeing in the morning will also give you the added advantage of having lesser crowds at most tourist attractions.


Hydration is key

Water is a magical elixir, especially when the temperatures are soaring and even more so when you are traveling. Hence, always carry water wherever you go. You can easily buy water bottles when you are out but to be more environmental friendly, carry your own bottle and re-fill it whenever needed. This is more economical and much better than continually throwing away plastic bottles.

Dehydration is common during summers and increases vulnerability to heat related illnesses. So instead of waiting until you feel thirsty, consume small amounts throughout the day. Having fresh fruit juices is also a good way to stay hydrated.

In Lucknow the must try summer drinks are bel sharbat, aam panna and shikhanji which are easily available throughout the city.

Proper clothing

Lightweight clothing is a must have if you are planning to visit Lucknow this summer. Replace those heavy and dark outfits with some breezy, light-coloured garments that are breathable and will allow air to circulate against the skin.

Although it may seem tempting but wearing clothes such as half-sleeve t-shirts may not always be a good idea since exposed skin is susceptible to tanning and sunburn. Try to opt for lighter long-sleeve shirts and fabrics.

Better yet, stock up on those chikan kurtas that are synonymous with Lucknow. They are perfect for everyday wear and the breezy fabric makes summers so much more bearable.

On a Summer trip to Lucknow. Picture of Asafi Imambara masjid, Lucknow for the lucknow blog -

Comfortable footwear

Even though footwear such as sneakers are ideal while walking but they can leave you feeling hotter and more sweaty than usual in this hot weather. If you are going to see a lot of monuments, you are likely to be walking a lot and climbing lot of steps. The perfect option in this case would be a comfortable pair of light weight flip-flops.

Bear in mind that some monuments such as the Imambara do not allow footwear inside the main complex. You will be required to walk bare-foot and this can be a huge bummer as the floor literally feels like it breathes fire during summers. So a good idea is to carry a pair of socks and wear them to protect your feet whenever needed.

Eat lighter meals

Now we know what you are thinking – who goes easy on the food when they are in Lucknow? The city is practically known for its scrumptious food. But hear us out. The food acts as fuel in your body and heats it up, so instead of gorging on those luscious kababs and biryani while strutting around the city during the day, opt for lighter meals and fluids like juices.

You can treat yourself to the delectable food during the evenings or at night, when the weather is at least bearable.

Protect yourself against the sun

Limit you exposure to the sun as much as you can and if you absolutely must go out, do not skip sunscreen and carry it along with you. Other things you can use to protect yourself against the sun are hats, caps, scarves and sun-glasses.

These are some of our tricks to make you trip to Lucknow more enjoyable. Let us know what other things you like to do when traveling during summers.

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