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Summer vacations: Make the most of it

Kids enjoying in summer vacations

As adults, when we think of summers, we think of the soaring temperatures and the general icky feeling that is associated with the uncomfortable heat. But for kids, it means summer vacations – the time of the year when children can have some real fun.

All year long, they are occupied with tough study schedules, tuition classes and everything else in between. These two summer months give them the much needed space to build memories, go on vacations, discover the unexplored and simply unwind.

As parents, it can be quite a challenge to plan the child’s summer vacations effectively but there are several things that children can do to make their summer holidays more enjoyable and at the same time, encouraging them to become more responsible. Here are some fun activities that children are sure to enjoy but might not otherwise find the time for:

Outdoor Activities in Summer Vacations

Physical activities are great to keep the children engaged but kids these days are glued to their screens all day long. Encourage them to go to the nearby park or play area with the other kids, cycle, learn to swim or take up a sport – there are endless options to explore. Your child may just develop a liking for something they want to continue even after the vacations.

However, when the mercury is rising, outdoor activities can be quite tricky as the children might fall sick. Try planning such activities in the morning and evening when the sun is not as harsh.

Take up new hobbies

With demanding school schedules, vacations are the perfect time to explore new hobbies. It gives children the time to discover their passion for different things and keeps them busy with something productive. It can be anything that your child might be interested in – dance and music, sports activities, gardening or pottery. Also, it is a great way to make new friends.


Most kids these days are busy tackling exhausting school schedules or devote most of their free time on gadgets. There is hardly any time for them to spend with nature. Teach your children to plant a tree in your garden or balcony and to take care of it. Encourage them to water the plants daily.

This will not just inculcate a sense of responsibility in the children but they will also understand the importance of having trees and plants around us.


Now we are not saying that you must train your child to become a master chef at a young age or let them be in the kitchen unsupervised. Rather give them small responsibilities and chores that do not involve the use of gas stoves or sharp objects. Taking such small steps in teaching them how to cook will make children self-dependent from a young age.

Learn Self Defence

Learning how to protect yourself is an important life skill that all of us should know. Enrolling your kids in a self-defence class will help them acquire the skills and confidence and present them with a lot of opportunities. Self-defence classes encourage children to work harder and helps improve focus and concentration.


Summer vacations are synonymous with family trips and something that the children look forward to the most. Breaking the monotony of the daily routine, they let the children experience different cultures. To make the most of it, plan your visit to places that are different to the setting the child is accustomed to – something like a coastal area or maybe somewhere hilly. If the children enjoy outdoor activities, camping, hiking and other recreational activities are good options as well.

Social Activities

Participating in social activities is an enriching experience for anyone and when it comes to children, it does wonders for their personality development. Children should be encouraged to help the elderly or take part in age-appropriate social activities.

Parents can take them to visit an old age home or an orphanage to spend time with people across cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.

Indulge in Art & Craft

If your child isn’t the one for outdoor recreation and would much rather stay indoors then art and craft is a promising activity. Helping children in making a scrapbook will let the parents bond with them and at the same time, unleash the kids’ creativity.

Household Chores

Sometimes, children out of curiosity want to help around the house but are often not allowed to do so by the elders fearing that they will make a mess. Let your child help you with the household chores not to finish the work but to make the child self-reliable and teach them the basics. Of course, the work assigned must be age appropriate and something that children can easily manage. If there is a pet at home, let the children take care of them, feed them and accompany parents when the pets need to be taken for walks.

Summer vacations are the most enjoyable time for children and a little planning will go a long way in creating long lasting memories… Let us know what are you planning to do this summer.

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