Book Release

Book Release: Dreadful Desires & More

Dreadful Desires & More

Book Title: Dreadful Desires & More

Author: Sherin Ashraf

Genre: Short Stories

Release Year: 2017


Synopsis of the Book

Dreadful Desires & More is an anthology of twenty short-stories that are an epitome of relationships, an alchemy of desires and a reverie of the reflection of emotions that formulate the lives of many individuals.

From Romance to Drama and from Tragedy to Belief, each story explores a new genre.

While It was destined talks about the unexpected second chances in life, Helpline showcases a woman’s courage to take control of her life under torrid circumstances. The New Bride is all about breaking free, whereas Dreadful desires explores the grey areas of the mind, which are often shrewd and brutal.

Each story is woven in a euphoria of magic, mystery and melancholy, one that arouses infinite feelings in the heart and urges the mind to think. Short n simple, yet lucid and prolific, this collection is compiled with a pre-notion to penetrate the soul, and to dwell there with intensity for long, making each story magnificently memorable and admirably alive.

Realistic, intriguing, erratic and touching to the core, this book is as innate as life itself.

ABOUT THE AUTHORSherin Ashraf- Author of Dreadful Desires & More

With more than a decade’s experience in the fields of Human Resources, Training, Recruitment, Consulting, Engagement, Communications and CSR, Sherin Ashraf, a Lucknowite, is an alumnus of La Martiniere Girls’ College. Currently working in the automobile sector, she has previously been associated with telecom and consulting industries. Sherin Ashraf has a passion for writing, travelling and listening to music. This is the first book she has written.


Various CITATIONS of Dreadful Desires & More:

“Succinct, sensitive and surprising, Sherin’s short-stories are thought-provoking. A promising talent and a welcome debut.” ~ Saleem Kidwai



“Sensitive, poignant…with a charming element of bewilderment” ~ Rachna Singh


A poignant account of characters going through unsettling emotions. Sherin’s gentle storytelling will move you, enchant you and even disturb you. ~ Yasser Usman

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