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Diwali In Lucknow

Diwali decor at house in lucknow

Diwali Celebration in Lucknow

Celebrating Diwali with family and friends bring special moments and memories to cherish, especially for those who are staying abroad or out of Lucknow. Diwali brings them an opportunity to return home for a much needed vacation. Lucknow is unlike anything else on Diwali. The five day festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and hope over despair. The festival of lights that is Diwali can be witnessed in one of its most glorious forms in Lucknow. The entire city, be it the classical old city or the new metropolitan areas, shine brighter than anything that you may witness usually.

Lucknowites love to indulge in a lot of festivities, celebrations and happiness that includes Diwali shopping, hanging out with family and friends, savouring the delectable cuisine of Lucknow and lightning fire crackers!

Diwali decor at lucknow

Diya shopping

Lucknowites love to illuminate the entrances of their homes with diyas. Diyas are usually small lamps made from clay, with a cotton wick traditionally dipped in ghee or oil. People here in Lucknow go out for some Diya shopping with their families and  prepare for lighting the entrances of their houses and offices with the bright lights of the beautiful and colourful Diyas.

Diwali diya shopping

Kheel batashey

The combination of Kheel Batashey is actually quite common in most parts of India during the festival of lights. Kheel is a kind of heated and pressed paddy, while Batasha is a sweet made by first melting and then solidifying sugar. Batasha is also available in various sizes and cute shapes, the latter especially meant as a treat for children. They are also distributed as ‘prasaad’ after puja.

kheel batashe diwali lucknow

Patakhey (Crackers)

Of course, how can one forget patakhey or fire crackers. Colourful fire crackers illuminate the night sky of Lucknow during Diwali. Phul-jhadis are especially popular because they burn the brightest and don’t explode thereby not contributing to the already intensified noise plus they are safer for children who are usually kept afar from explosive firecrackers.

Diwali crackers shop


Dhanteras is celebrated on the first of the five day festival of Diwali. On this occasion Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity is worshipped. It is also the occasion when families go on a much awaited annual shopping spree, especially for purchasing precious metals and jewellery, as this occasion is considered auspicious specifically by businesses.

Diwali is a much waited holiday for Lucknowites living in the city or abroad, to catch up on some precious family time while celebrating one of the most beautiful festivals of India.The festival brings shine and brightness all around with people rejoicing in the festivities and celebrations, which Diwali brings home. Lucknow and its hospitable people who always love to indulge in extravagance finds Diwali as the perfect setting to celebrate life and and spread joy for all.

Diwali decorations lucknow

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