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Chinese Food in Lucknow


The first thing that creeps in the mind on the slightest mention of Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, is the delightful aroma of the famous Lucknawi biryani, the luscious tenderness of the renowned shami kebabs and unbeatable taste of the Mughlai korma.

With the passage of time and rapid modernization, Lucknow has evolved significantly with people even welcoming other cuisines with open arms even in the Nawabi city. People are no longer inhibited in their approach to explore different authentic cuisines. The locals of the city are becoming more and more experimental when it comes to exploring other flavors such as Chinese, Italian, Continental and Thai in the food they eat.

The city has seen a rapid growth in the influx of several restaurants that specialize in authentic Chinese, Italian, Thai and Continental cuisines of late. These restaurants are really serving lip-smacking dishes that have already captured the hearts of numerous food lovers of Lucknow. Let’s have a dekko at some of the city’s finest Chinese restaurants that provide authentic Chinese food in Lucknow:

Mainland China – Everything is China-Centric         

If you are in Lucknow, do not miss to visit Mainland China. Located at the Riverside Mall in Gomti Nagar, the restaurant serves authentic Chinese dishes in the city of Nawabs, otherwise famous for rich Awadhi cuisine. Right from the delectable dimsums to hakka noddles and the scrumptious wontons to shanghai spring rolls, every dish at Mainland China deserves full attention and curiosity. The menu offered at the restaurant is very extensive with plenty of varieties to choose from.

The restaurant has modern décor and ambience. The décor symbolizes Chinese architecture and moods. You will be delighted to explore the amazing ambience in Mainland China.

The service is pretty quick, however the restaurant gets busy during weekends and you may need to wait for your turn. You can book your reservation in advance particularly during weekends. Consumers have the luxury to choose from seafood starters, poultry starters, and lamb starters, to seafood main course, poultry main course, lamb main course, along with other appetizing dishes.

The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner buffet with assorted dishes. However, a la carte menu is more extensive. You can also order beer and wine according to your liking, though the alcoholic beverages menu is not so extensive with just limited options.

The specialties of Mainland China are dimsums, hunan prawns, yue yang spicy barbecued fish, jiang’s chilli chicken, konjee crispy lamb, tofu hunan style, wok tossed prawns, tsing hoi chicken, sapo tofu with vegetables, pan fried noodles, chilli garlic noodles and wok-tossed hakka noodles. The taste of all these dishes is unbelievable and symbolizes the authentic Chinese flavor.

Yo! China – Unparalleled Chinese Dining Experience  

If you want to explore authentic Chinese dishes with a mix of international ambience and friendly atmosphere, then Yo! China is the place to be. Consumers are able to explore unmatched Chinese and Oriental dishes here. Yo! China is among the finest casual dining restaurant in the city of Nawabs.

Several delectable delicacies of China such as dimsum, spring roll, Manchurian, noodles, chopsuey and several other scrumptious items await consumers at the restaurant serving authentic Chinese food. The overall ambience and décor of Yo! China is contemporary with illuminated lighting. The service is pretty fast and the food yummy. However, the restaurant gets busy during holidays and weekends.

You can get some of the finest Chinese starters here such as veg and chicken dimsum, veg spring roll, chimi changa roll, tai chi chicken, drums of heaven, smoked chilly prawns and fresh tofu with black beans. All these scrumptious starters will force you to have more. At the same time, you can explore Veg Yo! Special Khao Suey, Yan Chow Fried Rice, Thai Basil Chicken Fried Rice, Udon Noodles with Stir Fry Chinese Vegetables Chef Style, Pan Fried Noodles with Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce and many more lip-smacking dishes. You can also order fresh fruit juices and traditional Chinese soups of your liking. The restaurant is located at Sahara Ganj Mall in Hazrat Ganj.

Chung Fa – Traditional Chinese Charm in the city of Nawabs

Chung Fa is an old authentic Chinese restaurant located in Lucknow. The owners of the restaurant are said to have migrated from China to India long time back. They have been staying and running the restaurant in Lucknow since several decades. Mr. F. N. Chung who is the owner of the restaurant takes personal interest and attention in satisfying the requests and orders of the guests. You can expect to have one of the finest authentic Chinese dining experiences at Chung Fa. The restaurant gets very lively during weekends and holidays. The décor of the restaurant is nice symbolizing rich Chinese heritage. The service is prompt and the environment friendly.

You will certainly relish their crispy mutton chilli, Singapore chowmein, chilli chicken (boneless), chilli fish, and fried drum sticks. The taste of these dishes is heavenly. If you are in Lucknow, you should explore Chung Fa in order to dig into the breathtaking taste of Chinese dishes. The specialties of Chung Fa restaurant are Peking soup, Talumein soup, chicken wonton soup, chicken mushroom fried rice, Singapore noodles, chicken chowmein, fried prawns, chilli chicken (boneless), and Manchurian drumsticks. You will definitely crave for more once you experience the delectable aroma and appealing presentation of these delectable dishes. The prices of all the dishes are economical. Their main outlet is located at Gole Market in Mahanagar. The other outlet is situated in Hazrat Ganj.

Noodle Station – The Station with Extensive Exotic Chinese Dishes   

Noodle Station restaurant has gained vast popularity and recognition within a short period of time in the city of Nawabs. The restaurant serves some of the finest Chinese food and delicacies in Lucknow. The dishes have already captured the curiosity and attention of Lucknowites and even visitors.

Right from delightful sizzlers to soups and mouthwatering main courses to luscious noodles you will definitely get the best of everything at Noodle Station. You should definitely try their scrumptious momos, schezwan veg, crispy spring roll, mushroom chilli and chicken lollypop. They really taste amazing. Customers have the luxury to choose from soups, sizzlers, starters, a la carte, single combos, double combos and some beverages.

The variety offered at Noodle Station is immense and you will be spoiled with delectable choices at your hand. The restaurant has modern ambience and décor symbolizing the changing preferences of Lucknowites. The service is fast and you will really feel the warmth and generous hospitality in the restaurant. However, the outlet gets very busy during weekends and holidays. The specialties of Noodle Station are sapu veg, manchow soup, schezwan soup, pecking soup, dimsums, chilli paneer dry, spring rolls, crispy chicken finger, gobhi Manchurian, chilli chicken, lemon chicken, and other appetizing dishes. Youngsters are sure to have a relishing experience here.

Noodle Station has two outlets serving chinese food in Lucknow. One is located at Fun Republic Mall, Gomtinagar and the other at the Phoenix United Mall, Alambagh.

Cool Break – Old Chinese Appeal in Lucknow      

Cool Break is a 35-year-old restaurant serving mouthwatering Chinese food in Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow. The restaurant has been renovated to give a contemporary look. The décor and atmosphere in the restaurant showcases modernity, thus signifying the changing penchants of Lucknowites.

The menu offered at Cool Break is very extensive with different dishes to choose from. You can also arrange birthday parties, reunions and small gatherings in the restaurant. Youngsters generally have a splendid time here as they get a chance to explore delicious momos, tofu triangles, chicken drumsticks, spring rolls, and paneer sathey. All these dishes will undoubtedly leave you speechless if you have a liking for things Chinese.

The specialties of Cool Break are dimsums, canton soup, manchow soup, Chicken 65, fried wonton, and capicho paneer in soup and starter category. However, you should also order American Chopsuey, Schezwan noodles, chicken chowmein, Hakka noodles, chicken Manchurian and Schezwan rice for the main course to explore the amazing taste of traditional Chinese dishes here. The aroma and flavor of all the dishes served here is divine and you will be forced to visit this place once more with your family and friends. Cool Break is allocated at Ashok Marg, Opposite SIDBI, Hazrat Ganj.      

Wonderful Gastronomic Opportunity to explore the Chinese Cuisine in Lucknow 

These top notch Chinese restaurants of delicious chinese food in Lucknow will certainly satiate your taste buds in the most delectable manner. You will be amazed to experience authentic Chinese cuisine in Lucknow, specially because it is very difficult to find a connect between the laid back city and things Chinese.продвижение торговой марки в интернете

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