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Lucknow is changing and so are its people and their needs. Everyone is opting for a smarter way of life, whether it’s their lifestyle or recreational habits. But there’s one thing that remains the same- the dependency on public transport in Lucknow. Most of the city’s population and the country in general, still rely on public facilities which unfortunately, continue to be in a sorry state.

Whether it’s beating the morning traffic or returning home from work, travelling in the city has become a nightmare as Lucknow’s air and traffic continue to choke every day. In such a scenario, it comes as no surprise that the urban population is quick to embrace solutions that make life seemingly easier. Fortunately, we live in the age of innovation that touches every aspect of our lives, including transport.

Here’s taking a look at some of the newer rides that are changing the way Lucknowites travel:

Bicycles on rent

Remember the time when cycles could be seen everywhere on the streets of Indian cities? Even though they are still a common sight but most people now prefer to move in cars for different reasons. But here’s the thing, bicycles are not just environmental friendly and affordable; they are also the answer to our increasing traffic woes as they have the magical ability to wade through traffic even in the most congested areas.

And it seems like it’s time to put the cycle tracks in the city to some good use as the LMC and Bangalore-based Zoomcar is bringing 50 GPS-enabled bicycles to Lucknow, as a mode of transport. As a pilot project under the Smart City initiative, 12 cycle docks will be set-up in Gomti Nagar where the bicycles can be rented at an affordable Rs. 10 per hour. These “smart” unisex cycles will be completely tamper proof with a GPS enabled lock system which can unlocked only after scanning the barcode on the bicycle once it has been hired.

Going completely digital, the service will have no staff at any point. Not even at the cycling docks. The bikes can be hired through Zoomcar’s mobile app or website and payments for the same will have to be made through mobile wallets.

Bike Cabs

App-based cabs have become a popular option in Lucknow for transport. They have made our lives simple and convenient. But what about those times when your cab is stuck in jam-packed traffic and you see someone on their two-wheeler miraculously finding a way through it? Makes you wish you were travelling on it, doesn’t it? These app-based cab services now let people hire motor bike cabs to whizz through traffic at affordable prices. It’s the same as booking a four-wheeler through the apps, only this time you will be strapping on a helmet instead of a seat-belt.

The new service has been lauded by the commuters but there’s a downside as well. Many women in the city are skeptical of hiring bike cabs for safety reasons and are of the opinion that having more female drivers will make them feel more comfortable. Frankly, we think this is a great idea and will also open up more employment avenues for women.

Lucknow Metro for transport

When talking about the city’s transport system, how can we not talk about the Lucknow Metro? The state’s most expensive transport system began its phase-I services in September last year, running between Transport Nagar and Charbagh, while work for phase-II is on in full swing. Besides promising a pollution free, air-conditioned ride and lesser travel time, the metro is eco-friendly and a relief from traffic jams. Besides you can always grab a bite in between your commute at the restaurants and coffee-shops at the stations.

Revamped bus and railway Stations

We already told you how the bus and railway stations are undergoing a major revamp. They are being equipped with state of the art facilities and will greatly reduce the traffic woes in the highly congested Charbagh and Alambagh areas, making commuting a breeze for locals and outsiders.

A stressful commute affects an individual’s day in more ways than one and as the urban population is evolving, so are its needs. They can no longer make do with obsolete infrastructure and smart solutions have become the need of the hour. Such innovative initiatives are a welcome move for a better future ahead.

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