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Bhootnath market to become Lucknow’s first ‘Smart Market’


The Bhootnath market is much loved by the people of Lucknow for its affordable shopping and delicious street food. Located in Indira Nagar, the place is always bustling with activity. From huge showrooms to reasonably priced shops, household items to fashion accessories and food joints- the place has a distinct essence of the old markets like Hazratganj and Ameenabad.

Bhootnath is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family but in spite of all its highlights, shopping there can often be full of hassles. The lack of basic facilities, road encroachment and traffic congestion often act as a dampener, turning the entire experience into a nightmare.But all this is due to change soon.

Beginning from the first week of August, the Bhootnath market is set to undergo major transformation to become the city’s first ‘Model Bazaar’. Here’s how the upgraded market place will be:

A new look

Living up to its reputation of being the mini Hazratganj, all the shops in Bhootnath will be painted in one colour. The names of the shops too, will be done in the same style and fonts to establish a uniform look, much like Hazratganj. Also, the electrical wires will be shifted underground for a more tidy appearance.

A tech-savvy market

When everything is going digital, why should the Bhoothnath market lag behind? If things go as planned, Bhootnath will also get its own app for online shopping, complete with the information about the shops. That is not all- it will also have free WiFi and a digital display right at the entrance where visitors can find the details about the stores as well as their products for smooth navigation.

Better utilities

Going on a shopping spree in Bhootnath market can be a fun experience but the same can’t be said for its utilities. Parking is always a headache and with cars and vendors encroaching upon the roads, there is hardly any space left for people to walk. Taking care of these problems, the new plan will include addition of benches along the footpaths, drinking water arrangements, an underground parking facility and a separate vending zone. Construction of separate male and female washrooms is also on the cards and to increase accessibility, wheelchairs will be made available at all times.


To ensure that visitors are always welcomed to a spotless and sparkling market, arrangements will be made to step-up cleanliness efforts. Garbage collection will be done twice a day by the LMC workers and roads will also be cleaned regularly. Maintenance of proper drainage systems and waste segregation will be given attention to keep up hygiene standards.

Cautious about the environment

Being mindful of the environment, no cars will be allowed in Bhootnath market and even two-wheelers will be discouraged as much as possible, making the area a no-vehicle zone. Keeping in line with the recent plastic ban, the area will be a completely plastic-free zone and LED lights will be installed throughout the market. For efficient waste management, a compacter is to be set up to dispose-off the waste generated on an everyday basis without any delays.

Security features

To ensure that there are no security lapses, the whole area would be under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Two mobile hospitals, an ambulance and a fire management system will also be set up in case of any emergency situations.

This initiative falls under the Smart City project and is slated to be complete within the next 3-4 months, following which it would be extended to old market areas in the city such as Ameenabad, Chowk, Alambagh and Yahiyaganj.

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