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A Day in Aminabad


Lucknow is a city famous for its culture, cuisine and costumes. Right from the Lakhnawi tehzeeb and tunday kebabs to the artistic chikankari, you will find it all very enthralling and appealing. It is a city where you can discover some of the most delicious foods to eat and find some of the most beautiful attires to wear, all within a light budget.

The city houses a number of renowned markets, which have been serving as shopping havens for shopaholics through generations. Aminabad is one such market where you can shop till you drop and never feel going over on the budget as all the things offered for sale come at very reasonable prices.

Aminabad is one of the oldest and the most sought after souks in Lucknow. The market place came into existence during the ruling of the Awadh Nawab Asifuddaula. The place is always bubbling with energy and has loads to offer in terms of both shopping as well as eating out.

The market is spread in a massive area with a large number of shops. The bylanes of Aminabad are full of life with all the shops embellished with attractive lights. If you get to spend a day at Aminabad ever, you must plan ahead to make the most of your visit. Read on to get a detailed description of the place, to help you explore better:

For Shopping

The Aminabad market place is a delight for shoppers. It offers everything you want at very reasonable prices. You name it and they have it in Aminabad. Right from garments to footwear to jewelry, the market has all for you.  Aminabad market is a mix of big, renowned shops along with the lesser known ones. But, hey! Do not underestimate the small players of the market. They are here to take you in for a surprise with their latest stocks of all that is in!

You can get yourself draped in attractive apparel with appealing footwear and striking jewelry by purchasing it from the following famous hotspots in Aminabad:

  • Clothes: You can explore markets such as Pratap Market, Mohan Market, Ganesh Ganj, for clothes. These markets will give you a wide range of attires to choose from. The latest trends in fashion, especially Indian wear can be seen easily purchased and explored in the shops.
  • Footwear: You can find exquisite footwear as well, especially Kolahpuri footwear and Naagra or Mojri shoes in Nazirabad area. The place also houses shops selling sports shoes, men’s boots,  floaters, crocs, fancy sandals and chappals for ladies and all kinds of footwear for kids as well.
  • Jewelry: You can get beautiful matching imitation jewelry from Gadbadjhala. It is a complex that has a large number of shops selling artificial jewelry of different types at affordable prices. You can easily find a matching necklace or danglers to compliment the dress that you just bought at one of the Aminabad stores.
  • Shopping for Home: If you want to shop for home décor or household items for your home such as crockery or anything for your kitchen, you can easily find it here. If you have a special fondness for pickles and murabbas, you can choose from a numner of varieties at Arora pickles – a shop renowned for condiments, which has been in existence for years now.

In all, Aminabad market offers solution to all your clothing, footwear and jewelry needs along with other necessary household items of everyday use. So buyers can head towards Aminabad for a pleasant shopping experience, which does not even pinch the pocket.

 Foodie’s Paradise

Aminabad is known for some of the most sought after food joints that offer delicious and scrumptious food. You can tickle your taste buds at the following eateries in Aminabad:

  • Tunday kebabs: To top the list is the 100 years old Tunday Kababi, a place where you get to taste the best of Galawati Kebabs and other non-veg dishes. The aroma of these kebabs will mesmerize you and will tempt you until you give in. At the famous Tunday Kababi, They team up their famous kebabs with rumali roti and parathas. Whenever you visit Lucknow, do not forget to visit this century old Tunday Kebabs.
  • Wahid Biryani: It was established in the year 1955 and serves mouthwatering Biryani. They are said to cook the Biryani with 55 special spices and ingredients. The owners boast of cooking biryani with the same taste and aroma as it was cooked in 1955.
  • Madhur Milan: It is one of the busiest and crowded restaurants in Aminabad. It serves delicious veg food. The menu has chola bhatura, chaat, south Indian food, Chinese food, snacks, juices, kulfi-faluda, sweets, coffee and so on. Do not forget to savor the Chola Bhatura as it is their specialty and tastes delectable.
  • Alamgir: This place is known for serving the authentic Mughlai dishes. Though it is located in a narrow by-lane of Aminabad, still it enjoys a massive crowd and is renowned for dishing out some of the finest and original Mughlai dishes such as mutton chaap, boti kebab, mutton stew, band gosht, biryani, butter chicken and so on.
  • Prakash Kulfi: After relishing the yummiest food or to rejuvenate your energies for more shopping, you can have the cool and pleasant-tasting Prakash Kulfi. For newbies, Kulfi is India’s flavoured milk-ice-cream. They garnish the delicious kulfi with falooda (boiled spaghetti). You can have it without the falooda as per your taste. The outlet serves sugar-free kulfi also for diabetics too.
  • Burma Biscuit Co: If you want to pick up some fresh and fine bakery products such as Biscuits, Pastries, Patties, Cream-rolls, you must stop at the city’s oldest and most popular bakery – The Burma Biscuit Company’s Aminabad outlet.

There’s more to Aminabad than what you read so far…

Aminabad has something for everyone, be it a student or someone about to get married. It is the place for someone who wants to stay healthy on a diet of fresh fruits and someone who needs   to buy less costlier medicines from the wholesale market. The following places serve the needs:

  • Books for Students: Aminabad market has a cluster of shops devoted to books and stationery, often referred to as book market. It has large number of bookstores selling books of all fields of study and the ones prescribed in schools, colleges, and competitive exams. It is a hub of bookstores and the USP of the book market is the availability of books on rent for students at graduation and post-graduation level. You can buy books on rent and once you return the book to the seller, you get back portion of the money paid at the time of purchase. Besides books, it also has all the stationery items on sale with information and forms of upcoming competitive and employment exams.
  • Fruit Market: Aminabad has a big fruit market including fresh fruits and dry fruits. You can get variety of good quality and fresh fruits and can also get it packed in beautiful decorated baskets for gifting on special occasions.
  • Wholesale Medicine Market: For getting medicines at wholesale pricing, you can visit the wholesale medicine market of Aminabad. It is a huge market of wholesale medicines and has large number of wholesale traders dealing in medicines.
  • Invitation Cards Market: Aminabad has a big market of invitation cards for all occasions. If you have a wedding in the family or a birthday or any other family event, you can purchase beautiful invitation cards from the market on Gwynne road. The numbers of shops selling invitation cards are so many that you get to choose from a great variety of sample cards for that special occasion.

One day spent at Aminabad will get you closer to the culture, spirit and life of Lucknow city. If you want to explore the authentic and the real Lucknow, then a visit to Aminabad is a must-have on your itinerary.sous vetement femme coquine

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