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Ahoy 2019!


It’s finally time to bid adieu to the year 2018! Hopefully, it was a pleasant year for everyone. Amidst all the troubles the world has been through, there must always be the light of hope that brings positivity in the lives of people. It’s heartening that we never really run out of things to celebrate; after all to spread joy is the command of all the religions as well.

Historically, the Mesopotamians (present day Iraq) had conceptualized the celebration of New Year’s Day long ago in 2000 BC. In the Roman Empire, New Year’s Day was dedicated to the pagan deity Janus, the God of Beginnings – opener of doors and gates, after whom January, the first month of the Gregorian calendar is also named.

Since the advent of Western culture all over the globe, New Year’s Day has been one of Lucknow’s many celebrations, and as you know, the city lights up and presents its best when it comes to celebrating anything. All the clubs, movie theaters, resorts and restaurants are filled with party goers making New Year’s Eve a festival in its own! The media is also invited to cover the celebrations which are then highlighted in page 3’s in all of the city’s leading tabloids. On New Year’s Eve i.e. 31st December, friends, family and colleagues get together to ring in the New Year together.

The coming of the New Year indicates that it is time to bid farewell to what has gone by and wholeheartedly welcome the new beginnings. As a start, people follow the timeless tradition of adopting new year resolutions targeting self-improvement. People all over the world exchange gifts and greetings, making the turn of date, joyous and promising. A tremendous increase in the social media activity vouches for the excitement that the onset of a new year brings.

We at LucknowPulse wish all of you a very happy 2019! Stay blessed!

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