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5 reasons why attending Start-up meetups is beneficial for entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs come with great ideas and to take those ideas to implementation phase, it is good to know the start ecosystem locally as well as globally. So, it is essential for start up founders to meet their ilk: the like-minded people, mentors, angel investors, and all those who can help make it happen. Here are 5 reasons why attending Start-up meetups is beneficial for entrepreneurs?


Attending meetups can lead to exposure of ones gathering. Different people from different situations hold different stories and what they are and what it took them to be where they are. Listening to stories of different people can give you a lot to learn, can end up giving you an idea of how things are tackled in a business , the profit and loss of a business etc. Also attending events create opportunities to form new business relationships with people you don’t come across on a daily basis.


Meetups turn to be a great place to find and learn from entrepreneurs who have already worn the shoes you are trying to fit into. One shouldn’t be afraid to introduce themselves and interact and ask questions.Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, when they experience a certain downfall, it feels like they’re in it alone but contrary to the case that’s just the opposite of reality. You can without hesitation ask people how they got out of a certain situation and can apply it on your own.


You can always find other entrepreneurs and link with them. Only at meetups and startup events you can find people in your niche.

This can lead to new friendships. It is also a place where you can learn from other entrepreneurs and share your talents and ideas.


Through meetups and startup events one can always be up to date about the current market and news. All of them will share their particular knowledge, and this way every person present there can get to know new things and be aware about new facts.


The world is evolving and one can never be fully learnt. There is something new going on everyday in the newspaper and in the world. Through meetups people can get learnt about a lot of different aspects.

They can learn about different businesses which in turn can help their own business to sustain and develop.

One such learning opportunity is right around the corner. Hustler’s Plexus by Startup Monk is being organized on October 5th, 2019 from 3 pm to 5 pm for current and future entrepreneurs in Lucknow. Lucknow Pulse is local outreach partner for the event to promote start up ecosystem in Lucknow.

Announcement of lucknowpulse as local outreach partner for Hustlers plexus - a start up ecosystem panel discussion at Lucknow


Avichal Jain

Avichal Jain is a first-generation entrepreneur, artist, and traveler. He has co-founded two companies, including the trader of herbs Ayurveda in 2016, he worked for different segments of business to cater best for his vision including the telecom sector, digital marketing, and information technology to know why who and how about the consumer behavior. As an artist, he also performed as a guitarist, anchor in different colleges to boost up his communication skills and to shape at his best. Now he is a full-time entrepreneur and co-founder of Kindred Elements working on his dream mission to save electricity for sustainable development of economy.

Runjhun Noopur

Runjhun Noopur is an ex-corporate lawyer, a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur.  Her pieces have been widely published by various national and international publications including the Huffington Post, the Times of India, and Chicken Soup for the Soul and her debut Nirvana in a Corporate Suit has been garnering rave reviews from all across. As an entrepreneur, she is enjoying her stint as the co-founder of ECORK Coworking and Creative Spaces, a unique, vibrant and eco-conscious initiative that seeks to redefine work/life balance through coworking, collaboration, coaching and curation.

Qais Mujeeb

A “Class of 2001” alumnus from the prestigious ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad, Qais Mujeeb is also a certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute, U.S.A. He carries 18+ years of work experience in Content Development & Strategy, Content Management, Technical Writing and Software Documentation, Web Development, SEO, SMM, SMO, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Corporate Training.

After spending 11 years in the IT industry and having worked for various IT Services and Products companies in Hyderabad and Pune, Qais started his entrepreneurial venture – Ascezen Consulting Private Limited – a content and web consulting company at Lucknow in 2012.

Qais is also a certified trainer and has imparted corporate trainings to IT professionals and students on diverse subjects such as Verbal Communication, Written Communication, Conference Calls Etiquette, Email Etiquette, Presentation and Public Speaking, Content Writing, Technical Writing, Project Management and much more at various reputed organizations and business schools. He has been recognized as “Outstanding Trainer” by many reputed organizations and institutions.

As the Founder of Ascezen Consulting, Qais has been instrumental in establishing various practices and departments. He focuses primarily on Client Acquisition, Project Management and Delivery Management as he believes in trying to understand client requirements correctly and delivering excellent quality to forge life-long business associations.

On the creative side, Qais is passionate about Photography. His pictures have got published in Houston-based magazine – LCA Houston, apart from being featured on a few Digital Media platforms.

Lucknow Pulse is local outreach partner for Hustlers Plexus – a start-up meetup organized by Startup Monk in Lucknow on October 5th, 2019.

Register and book your seats today:

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