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Summer Camp in Lucknow School

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With the summer in full swing and their ongoing vacations, many school-going children have taken to various summer camps in Lucknow. This helps them enjoy their holidays with some learning too and act as a stress-buster while they pick up new skills.

MySchool- a premium pre-school in the city conducted its flagship event on 30th May, 2019. Running in its third year, the summer camp engaged the young ones in fun activities like dance, drama, music, cooking, self-defence and filmmaking. In the morning slot, the little ‘Super Bunnies’ who were in the age group of 2-4 years, performed for their parents. They undertook breath-taking performances on storytelling, dance drama, aerobics and action amongst others, earning applause from the audience that was packed to its full capacity. Beginning the event, Ms. Jasica Massey, Principal of the school addressed the hall and welcomed the parents to enjoy the performances put up by their tiny tots and to cheer for them.

Post the morning slot, it was time for the ‘super kids’ and ‘super tweens’ – children in the age group 5-16 years to enthral the audience with what they had learnt in the 2-week summer camp in the evening slot. The evening began with a Broadway-esque musical where students performed a play based on the popular folk tale of ‘Aladdin’. The kids played the popular roles of characters like Aladdin, Jasmine, Jaffar and others to perfection, earning applause from all quarters for their natural ability and confident acting. Post the Broadway performance, it was time for some magic as the wards performed tricks like ‘Cups N’ Balls’, the coin and the handkerchief among others, which left the audiences spellbound. It was more special considering the ‘super kids’ and ‘super tweens’ had mastered something as difficult as magic under the able guidance of magician Suhani Shah from Mumbai.

The magic show was followed by a screening of a short film titled, ‘Indian Whispers’, by National-Award-winning cinematographer, Amitabha Singh who taught the kids the nuances of film-making at the summer camp. A mime act and a percussion performance, headlined by Mr. Tanmay Mukherjee, had the audiences cheering for the kids in high spirits, as they bought to the fore, their talents at playing instruments made out of every day-use material.

The last act of the evening was the self-defence drill performed by the 5-8 year olds, where they performed various moves and which not only impressed the parents, but also exceeded the expectations of the teachers and trainers.
Post the tremendous show, all the partners associated with the event received tokens of appreciation from Dr. Nikhil Garg, Director, MySchool and the Principal, Ms. Jasica Massey. The show was enjoyed wholeheartedly by the parents and the children alike as they bid adieu to the summer camp.

Summer camps in Lucknow have in the last few years, provided an excellent opportunity for the young generation to make their summer holidays a more fulfilling experience, with their all-round focus on fun and development, while also paving the way for kids to make new friends and collect memories that last a lifetime.

Story by: Manan Trivedi

Pictures: Aditya Dwivedi

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