Holi 2021: Colourful Victory over the Evil Virus

colorus sold at a roadside stall in Lucknow for the festival of colors - Holi

Holi 2021 will be different

The essence of happiness in everyone’s hearts due to the upcoming festival of colours, Holi has been winning over the clouds of negativity casted due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases. Holi being one of the most awaited festivals for Indians, the level of preparations and planning for the big day is always jaw dropping. Although this year, the celebration might be low-key, owing to the rising numbers and the possible threat because of both the strains of coronavirus.

The central as well as the state governments have already shared guidelines and regulations to be followed to ensure everyone’s safety during the Holi celebration. While some areas like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and others have “focused testing” planned, some people are taking it as an opportunity to be creative while being safe.

Turning the fear of infection into a challenge of enjoying to the fullest with zero contact can be the highlight of Holi 2021. Looking for creative ways of applying colours to others without violating rules and enjoying the colourful view to our heart’s desire can be the real victory of good over evil. To help you all in formulating your special fun plans for Holi 2021, we have mentioned below some of the essential do’s to keep in mind.

  • Set the stage right: It is highly recommended to prepare sanitizer and wash basins or source of clean water and soap near the celebration area so that people can easily clean their hands.
  • Get your weapons & shields: It’s best to keep our mask on all the time and a sanitizer with us while we enjoy the day of colours with our loved ones.
  • Know the players: Celebrating Holi in small groups and maintaining social distancing can help us stay safe and happy.
  • Dry colours are the winner: Playing Holi with dry colours is good for everyone as it has the minimum threat of coming in contact, getting our skin all coloured and obviously the need of washing ourselves over and over again to get it off our skin.
  • Only allowed for food: This is one of the best excuses to keep our face away from colours and our mouth busy with mouth-watering cuisines on Holi.
  • Invite only: This year it’s our duty to ask our guests without feeling shy about their COVID-19 test reports before inviting them to our innovative and challenging Holi celebrations because this is the new normal that we need.

The real fun of celebrating Holi this year would be by following all the guidelines and taking social distancing to the next level with our creativity. Holi, the festival of colours can represent our victory over the evil virus, if celebrated with love, care and precautions.

Article Contributor: Shruti Gupta

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